Thursday, December 11, 2008

Life Won

Ahh, those pesky lungs of mine, we're waiting for tea water to boil. On days this happens, or weeks, I have to just do one thing and then the next and treat my self rather gently. I am sure anyone can relate.

There you are rearing to tear into a million things, and your body just says, uh, nope. So more tea, more apples, more meds. I would rather be painting strawberries, or splashing in watercolor puddles. Or even writing content for the new site. Or phoning up that curator, or that gallery owner. Humph.

What do you do, when your mind is willing,but your body says no? Sheesh, that fluffy pillow is looking mighty good.

Harrumph, AND hmph. We do not like this at all. Oops, the tea water is boiling...gotta go.

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A Brush with Color said...

I had tea on my mind this morning, too. Sorry you're not feeling good! hope the nasty bug goes away soon. Curl up and take a nap--I'm a firm believer sleep is the best restorative. Love the name of that tea! I'll have to seek it out. Get well soon...all the rest of that stuff can wait.