Friday, September 19, 2008

David Bates, Diebenkorn, and My Window

My favorite David Bates sculpture.

Diebenkorn's Cityscape.

Yesterday's quest.

And my little window.

If David Bates can put the soul of a man in that found wood, and Richard Diebenkorn can put a pulse in that acre of land, can I put a heartbeat in that window? Well, I think yes. You'll see in my painting notes above that names of pigments come easily to me in watercolor. I can see in graded washes, in puddles of siennas and blues, but this piece, this piece will be in oils. So I haven't named the colors yet. I just have a sense of them. More like this will be that golden edge and this a plane of grey neighbored by clear cool. Make it velvety. That's how early thoughts go.

I like the puzzle of that window, the shapes, the distortions, the view that is both transparent and reflection. And then there is the light and shade. The island is both hinted at and seen. The geometry is man's. For me there's some room to play there. To construct a thought or two. And play with edges, places in between.

I like those places in my work. Structured and non-structured. Frameworks, but room to roam, experiment. I had that kind of week myself. I have done my 3 Most Important Tasks by simply letting go. By following the whispers of my muse. I even feel fond of that stupid insanely high numbered striped list of things to do that I have taped on my shelf above my desk. It got me here. In spite of having yet to accomplish all those numbered items, I am exactly where I need to be, numbers or no. Right here, at the next painting, and guided, to many others. For me, it is that balance. Structure, non-structure and the heartbeat. Gotta have that part too.

So I am in good painting company here in my thoughts. I love what these guys do (did in Richard's case). David's paintings could stand up and walk, they are so strong. He is a really nice guy to boot. And Richard's, well, his paintings take my breath away. It was after flying above ground that Diebenkorn really found the intimate texture of his work. David paddled a canoe within the solitude of swamps to bring its strong poetry to us. My little window is accessible only by helicopter, seaplane or boat. I went there happily. But no matter how each of us got there, we are all looking for the same thing: the heartbeat to capture within the paint. If they can do it, so can I.

Hm. Isn't it about time to be thinking about Naughty, Brush? It's Friday after all. Honestly, we ALL need a reward. Yes, I 'll be with David and Richard and that window for awhile today, maybe even with that list, but I am thinking Tabasco Bloody Mary at 5pm.... What about you? Kicking up some fun this weekend? I sure hope so.


A Brush with Color said...

Oooh, your painting sounds intriquing. I could go for a Tabasco Bloody Mary! I'll be driving to Notre Dame tomorrow, and Joe tells me I have to look for "Touchdown Jesus." (do you know him? It's a huge mosaic wall or something with Jesus and his arms upreaching, on the Notre Dame campus.) I'll have to take a picture. ;)) Have a good weekend, and raise a glass for me--"rose-lipped maidens, light-foot lads," and all that.

Janice C. Cartier said...

Oh, now you have to post a picture of touch down Jesus. LOL I haven't seen him. Those fighting Irish....

Maybe we should have Hail Bloody Mary's...LOL Sorry, it was just too easy...

A Brush with Color said...

Haaaaa! I'm game! Love that. Have a great weekend! thanks for that laugh. I'll try to get a photo of TDJ.

Janice C. Cartier said...

LOL... I can't wait to see TDJ Hehehe!

...have fun

Parisbreakfasts said...

While you're constructing all these, could you please put OBAMA in the White House?
The Diebencorn looks a lot like a Thiebaud..
I just saw the Morandi show at the MET last night...boy could he do a ve very subtle construction or two!

Janice C. Cartier said...

Dear PB-I love Morandi but I have not seen him in quantity. Not so good? The review on the small Van Gogh show at MOMA makes that sound like a must see if you're in the city.

Hm. You may be right on the Diebenkorn/ Thiebaud. They have that California sensibility with color. I love Diebenkorn's edges. And he way he fits things together.