Thursday, July 24, 2008

Clean up On Aisle 3

A mess. Nice enough greens, but not exciting to me. Patricia Tobacco Forrester told me that greens were the toughest. We were discussing watercolor of course at the time, we of the "love to work large in them" types. Patricia is nothing if not bold and unflinching, but she walked away from oils shortly after her Guggenheim, or it may have been grad school even earlier. So no going to PTF for this corner I have painted myself into. Not a bad spot, just repetitively dull in the world of greens at present on my palette. And I have need of them on some of the paintings underway. That and taupes which so far have not met my needs... need neutral, but not quite.

There are tons of greens in tubes to choose from. No, there is not a shortage of choices.What does a pro do when in need of a jump start? Reaches out to other pros, of course. I had to go to France on this one. So thank you very, very much. Mille fois merci. I am shopping today to get those hues and try them out.

I have several paintings underway, and a long overdue small piece. So today is a clean up day. Shop for materials if needed. Put some finishing touches on a few pieces that needed to just sit for a while. And finish that outline I mentioned earlier this week. Oh, I love starting new projects and, and love when there are bursts of inspiration. Some days, some days are simply taking care of business and following through here and there.

The trick to being an artist? Showing up everyday and doing what needs to be done. Yes, so Glamourous. But, no one says you can't dance while mopping up. Yep, Brush and I love to do that. So amidst the inks and the pencils, the paint and the online procurement, there will be dancing. You can bet on that.


ParisBreakfasts said...

AH HA GREENS here too!
What is it with green today?
Holding sway over all of us?
Why not mix your own missy instead of marching into Europe for yr greenery?
Turquoise + yellow
oh it's endless the mixes & recipes
Dewey made us MIX!
I'll be mixing with him this time next week in Maine, land of green hills etc
I'll take the red Lobsters myself.
Ain't sharing either so don't ask.

Janice C. Cartier said...

Oils dear heart, oils. I can mix all day long in watercolor. But these denser mediums, seems to be a rebellion on my hands. It is me I am sure. Too repetitious with what I have been using. Just got some nice tips. Needed fresh ponies so to speak.
Have fun in Maine. So sorry I could not make it. Eat lobster and play in the puddles you lucky duck. Very happy for you.

ParisBreakfasts said...

How 'bout glazing those greens watercolor layering?
Does that pony ride?
Speaking of which I do miss your lush desserts ever so much...
Yum yum yum...

Janice C. Cartier said...

Yes, that pony rides very well. The desserts on your post today made me want to jet over to Paree and snatch some up for myself. Drool city here.

ParisBreakfasts said...

Anonymous said...


I don't really like mixing greens from scratch. I rarely get what I want.

Plus I'm a lazy lazy man...less mixing, more painting. That's what I like.

I always start off with Sap Green...that color is prevalent in so many of the boreal forest landscapes I like to paint.

So you will be dancing, eh?

Around a may-pole, perhaps?

- Friar

- Friar

ParisBreakfasts said...

Hmmm...The Master M. Dewey does not approve of "mixed" greens -did I say that already?
Though he has been known to use Apple green but only rarely.
I think I agree...

Janice C. Cartier said...

You bet Friar. Sign me up for that Maypole :) Unplugged all day today ( Friday) whoa what a concept.
Greens are hard. I have some faves like chromium oxide and veridian, a may green, all Schmincke.. and a few others that I use in watercolor. But the ones I have been using in oil need expanding.

PB- I don't like to mix greens either, but I have a few tricks I do use. Again in WC. Oils here...need some variety there. Won't do to stay in a rut.