Friday, July 25, 2008

Unplugged, Pencils and Poetry

Unplugged. I spent the day unplugged. It wasn't planned. Just happened that way. No power. A glitch in the grid somewhere. So here I am late in a lovely day sending you some shells. And for what it's worth one of the simple poems that came tumbling out as I pulled graphite across handmade paper. I got my fountain pen out to catch them on paper. See if anything can be made of them eventually. We'll see. But for now. They're here for you raw just like the drawings.

Some shells are not so fragile
Some shells are meant to crack
Some shells are meant to ride the waves,
Go out on the tides, come drifting back.

And some, carried in a pail, a pocket, or a palm,
Some shells are made for wonder.
And isn't that enough?

Not perfect, the drawings or the words. But they are the ones I had today, as I spent the day unplugged.

Hm. I cannot tell you how relaxed I am. Brush is still napping. Maybe it's time for bit of scotch and a nice sunset...not bad, this unplugged. Now if only we could find some naughty. It is Friday after all. Yep. It's time for a cocktail. Not a bad summer day at all. I finished that outline,too. ALL MIT's accomplished. This unplugged, NOT a bad thing. Oh, there's Brush with the ice and the tumblers. Have an excellent weekend. La Vie Dansante, eh, Brush...


ParisBreakfasts said...

Can you ever draw the huitres!
Stay unplugged then..
Off with their heads and let em eat cake!

Janice C. Cartier said...

I think it is going into the regular schedule!! :)

William Lesourd said...

Since you are interested in shells, here is something you may not know.

"Shell que j'aime" old French slogan for the Shell oil company, inspired by "celle que j'aime" ie. "the one I love"

Janice C. Cartier said...

William- Merci. That intrigues me. Worth exploring a bit..and the sound is lovely. I am coming over to see what you have today. :)

Janice C. Cartier said...
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William Lesourd said...

I am writing to let you know that the link entitled "My Web Page" in your Blogger profile page, isn't working.

There is no great meaning in what I said : it was just a small fact your shells reminded me of ; but it does sound good, you are right, and this is why Shell France made it a slogan that imprinted the memories of those in their forties.

You will understand why I like reading your blog (apart from the fact that it is entertaining) when you'll see that one of my great interests is art and painting in particular... I am a failed painter, or at least I think I am, since I want to paint (and bought the best paint brushes and oil paint I could get (Rembrandt) two years ago) and I haven't done a single painting since then... question ? They haven't been opened. How long before the paint gets hard and unusable (I would hate to know that I have wasted about $600) ?
Looking forward to reading your next post.
Kissous W

PS I noticed that you use some French terms here and there, which isn't too surprising since you live in our ancient colony on the Missipi River, but can you handle colloquial French ? Just wondering if you can follow some or most of what I say in my blog... s.orry about this long comment.

Janice C. Cartier said...

William- Get the paints out and play with them. If they are set up so that you can get to them in less than 15 minutes you are more likely to use them often. Even if the paintings are not perfect, you will have begun...Maybe I should say the expiration date on those paints is 30 days from now. :)

( They will eventually harden actually, and become unusable. )

I understand a lot of what is on your blog. Not all, but a lot. No need to apologize for length of comment. You are very welcome here.

Sterling said...

My career and some of my hobbies are on the web, so the thought of unplugging makes me a little nervous. But I look forward to a day of relaxation and creativity, so I'll give it a try soon.

Thank you for sharing your drawings. The shells remind me of my childhood growing up in the islands.

Janice C. Cartier said...

Sterling- I like Islands. Although no man is one as the saying goes..not sure about that at times...I kind of like that unplugged time where I become one... :)

Give it a try.

Amy said...

Ah, the great unpluggedness. I wonder if I can remember what that's like....... Ah yes, once on a greyhound bus. ;-)

I like the pictures of your shells, and your poetry.

Janice C. Cartier said...


I know very strange, this unplugged. Really, I was soo relaxed it was ridiculous. Needed it to get up close and real with the essences of the new stuff.

Anonymous said...

Sea shells are still a novelty for me. The closest ocean (Atlantic) is a good 9-10 hour drive. You can imagine I don't get down there too often.

The only thing we get here are in the lakes are the freshwater clams. Brown and blah...They're not too exciting.


Janice C. Cartier said...

Those brown clams are not so pretty. I have seen them. Maybe you and bear will get some pretty shells on one of your next road trips.

Anonymous said...


Well, freshwater lakes aint' so bad.

I just caught two walleye for supper (They're flopping in the sink as I speak).

I'm off to fry them up.

- Friar

(...the Bear is looking forward to his next big road trip, though).

Janice C. Cartier said...

I make a really good lemon buerre sauce. :)))) hint hint...I know your momma taught you to share. :)