Thursday, December 18, 2008

Santa Baby

As promised, the House on Eagle Street. Forget the Mansions on St. Charles, the City Park Stroll, or the late Al Copeland's Lakefront extravaganza. Head over to Carrollton near the bend in the river for some truly good and soulful Christmas lights. In years past this house has also had Elvis on the near side, but it looks dark this year. No problem, it looks like he has put a pirate ship right in the front with Santa and the reindeer. Must be all those pirates off Somalia who can now be pursued on land, (according to the latest Marine newsletter). I think he could take them.

Every year, I looked forward to seeing this house. The man has been doing it up for years. I suspect he has grandchildren, or maybe he just does it for his own fun. I have seen him stringing the lights, but never had the nerve to ask. In any case, I love the faceted lights showing through the bevels on the doors on St, Charles, and it is marvelous to ride under the oaks and through lights in City Park, and yes, the Copeland house was as loud and brash as Al ever was. But there is something about this cozy house, just off the tracks on Oak Street ( home of the recent Festival of the Sandwich) that makes me smile. Every time. We turn the radio to some local music and cruise slowly by. Smiling and looking to see what he has done this time.

Then off we go for gingerbread and a beverage and people watch a little as the streetcar goes by near the Camelia Grill. Not Manhattan, not Main Street. Just Eagle Street. And an unknown man with plenty of holiday cheer.

Do you have a certain house in your part of the world that is just fun to see all decorated?

( Thanks for all your email and comments. I am slowly recuperating. )


A Brush with Color said...

I'm glad to hear you're feeling better, Janice--I kept watching to see if you had resurfaced. I love this place--what a riot. We DO have a favorite place, and actually places. I'll have to post 'em sometime--I put them on flickr in the past. One guy starts stringing all his lights in October for the big December light show. Cracks me up. You can always count on someone to uphold this tradition. Thanks for that--that was great fun to learn about a new one.

Janice C. Cartier said...

Hi-This particular bout with asthma has really laid me low. I am not the most patient person with it. It really steals your energy. But I am around, doing all the things I am supposed to do for it and trying to work as I can.

Oh I hope you post the lights. There's a palm tree just down the block from this house, strung with white twinkle lights.

Up the corner here is a Texas flag right there with the nativity. Maybe I 'll sneak a shot.. Longhorns and all here you know.

Kelly said...


I like this house. Tasteful yet dressed in all its holiday finery. Very nice!

There's one near us in north Delaware that sometimes makes it on big shows on HGTV and the like. The guy is plain crazy for Christmas. It takes a half an hour to walk around his little 1/4 acre yard and see everything.

I'm not normally one for large numbers of plastic doohickeys and a bazillion watts of lighting, but this guy takes it SO far over the top that it's art. It's almost... hard to explain... almost like being in a cathedral. The brightness, the color... even though it's an ode to commercialism, in one way, I get peaceful and humbled while I'm there.

Plus the kid adores it. When we go by his house the rest of the year, she always asks how long until he starts his display again.

Glad you're on your way back to well. Be gentle with yourself.



Words For Hire said...

Hi Janice,

I'm glad you're recovering and hope that the healing continues. What a fun house! When I lived in CA I had a favorite neighborhood to cruise for lights - just regular folks who went all out for the holidays. I am far too practical with energy and such but really enjoyed the over the top extravaganza these folks created. It never failed to fill my heart with holiday joy and get me humming carols and longing for hot chocolate.