Friday, November 4, 2011

Craving Pastries ?

I am craving pastries. More to the point I am craving to paint them.
I stumbled across a box of empty linen canvas boards in my supply cubby this week. And now here I am in a Proust pastry painting moment. Remembering how much fun it is to take a pastry chef's art, a tangible , oh so fragrant piece of yumminess...and how they smell and how the paint feels when I paint them. The care and detail the chef gave them and then passing that on in the paint with my's a little call and response, a sweet little dance if you will.
And I am definitely craving more.

Ever had that hm..wouldn't that be yummy feeling?
And needing it actually?
That's where I am. I need just a special luxurious taste. A bit of amuse bouche, right here and right now.
It's that simple.
And I want it to be that special too.

I personally need a little bit more play, more color than the black and white larger studio work I am engaged in at the moment. Don't get me wrong, I love what I am working on, but I am craving that bistro crawling, cafe sitting, pastry indulgence that just might be a little bit of pleasure to tide me over on the bigger pieces. A sweet, sweet luxury. Something to capture all my painting senses.

And a little light and lovely fun pastry painting fun might just do the trick.

Need some cake.
And a pastry or two.
And oh my yes something fruit-i-ly delicious.
Want some?

I don't want to break the bank or my studio schedule to get it.
Or my waist line.
Just want a little bit of delicious.
But special delicious.
At special price.

I am thinking...for a short time only, if you are interested, we may just have a Let Them Eat Cake play with pastries and paint reprise.

And a special gift price for the quickest of you for playing along.

And a treat just for raising your hand.

More details very soon, but if anyone has the taste for a luxurious little bit of delicious Let Them Eat Cake paint, to let me satisfy this craving, let me know in the comments below by posting "I'm interested" and stay tuned.

I will be opening a very short window of opportunity in the next few hours and days for anyone who is joining me in this craving... if you are in, leave an " I'm interested" in the comments below. And come with me into a little place of indulgence.

I can't wait. Who knew?

And while we're here, what is your favorite all time ever pastry or cake? What would you throw caution to the wind for, for just a few bites? Does chocolate do it for you? Raspberries and cream? Or do you have something else that gets you every time? You can see some of mine especially in the 2007 archives over there to the right. I will be cruising those too, just to see if I want to revisit some of them with my brush.

This is a very limited number of pieces.
A one time only price as a gift to you quick deciders, first come first served.

For now just let me know if you are interested, raise your hand.
I'll make sure there is a little treat in it for you, just for doing that

So what do you do now?
Leave a comment with "I'm interested" and be sure you are first in line for this surprise bit o' fluffy fun.

And if you like the idea, pass this link along to your friends.
Talk to you soon.
Going to scout pastries this weekend...:)


ParisBreakfasts said...

Do it!
Best pastry chef in TX!!!

Pastry lover said...

Favorite was Lemon meringue tarte until I ate it everyday last trip to Paris for TWO WEEKS..
Now I don't know what is my fav :(

Janice C. Cartier said...

:D Cut off for ordering is November 17th at midnight. Loving your adventures of late.. xoxo

Janice C. Cartier said...
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Janice C. Cartier said...
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Janice C. Cartier said...
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Janice C. Cartier said...
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