Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Amy Likes Passion Tea

Yesterday was a business and design day. No Godiva for you today. But Amy likes my photographs and Tazo Passion Tea. If I were still in New Orleans, I'd ask her to stop by or meet me at Still Perkin’ and just chat about nothing for awhile. She wrote an interesting "rant " yesterday about the nets again. And I found myself thinking once more about what it is we get from this connectedness. After the conversations I had this weekend, it is on my mind.

I am an introvert mostly. Can go for days on my own. Lots to do, plenty of inner life. But one of the key ingredients of home, was a little spot two blocks away, a hub, a coffee shop. And my "hood" was a walking one. So there was every reason to expect to meet someone neat if I just stepped out my door. Tourists , locals, friends, acquaintances, some regulars known only by sight. But if you were there, chances are you were okay, except the ones who weren't. But that's another story.

Oddly enough there among the celebs and semi celebs and the just "plain folks", there was an unspoken rule. Everyone was just anyone, just after quality of life. Of course Courtney Love did not last too long, that was never going to work. It is like that in "my adopted hood" in Santa Fe too, although there it's a little different. Surprisingly a little more closed off. And Gerald Peters, never saw him on walkabout, just the peacocks in his yard. My aunt had those too. I thought maybe he's a Southerner. But no, no home baked muffins or an invitation to brunch. He was mostly on his airplane or off selling the Astor Childe Hassam.

What's the point of all this rambling about neighborhoods? Well, Dallas is paved, suburban. People stay in cars. I walk, but it is on a paved and orderly Bike Path that goes through the neighborhood. It's nice. It's comfortable. It is safe. It is dull. But...Amy is in Chicago and shares her wit with me. She would fit right in my Garden District Hood. And there are others, places that I go around these nets, to find that flavor that is missing. That engagement so necessary to my life. She raised the questions yesterday about friendship and faux friendships on the web, about social media, and has come up with this delightful "cut the crap o matic." Yep, she would fit right in.

And here's the takeaway. I once was told to have good friends, you must be a good friend. And that has always worked for me. If you are doing business on the net, it is like business in real life, courtesy, respect, goes a long way. But above all, I have no interest in being anybody but me. So today, I know that when Amy sees this photo she will smile. Can't sell it. You cannot see it. But it is there. In my hood, that smile and simply giving someone pleasure would be a good thing. Like a nice visit, or sharing a cup of tea. So that's my painting today. Just a smile on Amy's face.

Come on Brush, we need to finish up those chocolates...yes, and paint them too....

Do you think "social media" is any different from real life?


Amy said...

Oh Janice, I'm smiling! Can you see?!?! :-D <--- it looks something like this

I was just on a chat last night saying how much I miss the San Francisco community I used to live in. I was just around the corner from a cafe/laundromat called Brainwash, where they had poetry or live music or something cool happening every night. I knew everyone and no one there at the same time. It was one of the places that I'd just walk down the street to with my journals (and my pet rabbit in the pouch) and just... be. Most folks there didn't know my name. They called me "the blind rabbit poet" because my rabbit was blind, and she was always with me (I said I was her seeing eye person). I miss that sense of community.

I'm in a sad little Chicago suburb where the closest thing to community is going to the one family owned business in walking distance that serves coffee -- it's an ice cream shop, but she makes me coffee. But it's very different. Lonely even, in a sad nostalgic kinda way.

Yes, I would like your Garden District. I feel your pain...

I am trapped her for different reasons, but I'm thinking we share a similar nostalgia for things.

I'm off to have a cup of passion tea now.

Janice C. Cartier said...

Yes. I went to the closet coffee shop here and it was nice but, um, suburban. It was interesting to talk to several people and interesting to see what they were about, but it was not a Blind Bunny Poet place....I think that is in a place called Deep Ellum, downtown. I'll have to go look... but I swear I am taking the train down there not a car.

Janice C. Cartier said...

"Closest" coffee shop.

Amy said...

One thing about not driving, I'm always on the train. This is both good and bad. *grin*

A Brush with Color said...

Oh, wonderful post!! My daughter-in-law is at Harvard right now doing her dissertation on this whole subject! It's a fascinating subject, isn't it? I am definitely an introvert by nature, but my job forces me to push the envelope on that one. Incidentally, I loved that "you were okay, except the ones who weren't." true!

ParisBreakfasts said...

I went to your cut-the-crap link and it did something to me..stopped me thinking I don't wanna go and started packing and organizing..? ? ?
No idea why?

Janice C. Cartier said...

ABWC- LOL, well it's true isn't it? I love that your daughter in law is doing her dissertation on this.I would love to know what she comes up with. All the to do about social media as if it is the new sliced bread...pooh, it's just easier access, doesn't change the nature of the beast.
Hm. Thought just occurred to me . Do you think Jenny Holzer is now doing art by twitter? Have to llok that up.

PB- You know you always get cold feet just before you go. Glad we could cut the crap-o-matic out and get you packing. There are lots of new Parisian goodies to explore. Maybe you should find a spot you have never been before. How's that bike rental thing working out for them anyway?