Friday, October 3, 2008

Godiva Early Study

Fail Early, Fail often. This is an early really rough preliminary study for a Godiva still life painting I am thinking of doing. It's a rudimentary sketch, just laying the major shapes in quickly. And then a quick test of the path that appeals to me most. Why am I showing this to you? Hm. You can see on the right the wash is imperfect. I rarely even use black in a painting. And the drawing is not exact. So why am I showing it to you? It's not even complete. It's just a study.

I had not planned to do any still life. Nope. Wasn't going there right now. Then this photo came up earlier this week and those reflections caught my eye. Hm...Those could be lots of fun. Tricky, but fun. I love lavenders and gold. Love to paint them. I have no client for this piece. Why am I considering taking time from the island series and developing it as a full blown large piece?...those reflections..that play of warm and cool...kind of like sky on water....and the geometry...interesting shapes.

Yes, temptation is pulling me in. So I did just a quick study early, early this morning just to get the feel of it. And yes, just enough to convince me to do a full blown piece. So I am saving a big piece of D'Arches, only 22"x 30", so it's not so so big, and we'll follow the development of this piece. Of course I am wishing it was a 40"x 60", but it is just a little chocolate...and that is Naughty enough. So I'll be attaching painting notes to this study, maybe test a color or two. I may even do another to work some relationships out. That's the point, never be afraid to fail early, or even fail often if need be. Test, try, experiment. But go after what you want. And me, apparently I want to paint a watercolor chocolate still life. I have no idea why. My muse will let me know later, I am sure. So we'll check in with this piece from time to time as it comes along.

Now go get Naughty yourself. Have a good weekend.


Evelyn Lim said...

You have a way of feeding my soul; both from the mind and the body. Raiding the fridge right now to see if there are any chocolates left!!

Have an awesome weekend!

Janice C. Cartier said...

That is lovely to hear. These ARE tempting...I am really looking forward to doing this one. Hope you find those chocolates!

ParisBreakfasts said...

Yeah where are the chockies???

Janice C. Cartier said...

It must be the change in the weather, memories of all those cakes, that are urging me to scatter them in. Watch next week.

(I like the new avatar, BTW.)

A Brush with Color said...

Yum--I love what you're doing so far! It looks like it will be luscious. It's fun to hear how you go through your assessments of what to go for next. I'll look forward to more installments!

Janice C. Cartier said...

ABWC- so glad to hear it. :-) This one is a go.