Monday, October 20, 2008

Thank You from the New York Times

There was a surprise in my Sunday paper yesterday. No not the mea culpa headline from Cisneros for the subsidized housing project we are now underwriting. THAT we should have had long ago. No, there was a thank you gift tucked inside. A gift of thanks to me for having the paper home delivered. Those are note cards with cool photographs on them from New York Times photographers. I have long been a subscriber because I love to feel the paper in my hands. The newspaper was a ritual when I was a little one. One I carry on. My dad and my grandfather used to sit me on their laps as they read the paper, and teach me how to read. And it does kind of bring the world to your doorstep. But how cool it was to get a simple gift of thanks from them, a useful one that gave me pleasure.

And that little bracelet in the photo, is a thank you from a five year old, for visiting her school on Friday. It was another pleasure for me and yet I got a gift of friendship. I liked that too. And yes , I wore it home. Look at all those colors. It is a very happy bracelet.

And yesterday I strayed from my routine, but I got the gifts of conversations with people I had never met: Some ladies, one of whom is a Dallas Public School teacher ( they are going through some lay offs due not to the economy, but to mismanagement of funds); A Palestinian businessman who now lives in New York ( wow, try that one, I will probably be talking about that again); and an interior designer ( we met over a dad and his crying baby, she offered to connect me here in Dallas with her colleagues.).

Oh there's lots of stress and things to do. Yes, we all have those. And the clock is ticking, but I think I'll take some time this week to send a few thank you's of my own. Yep, one of my 3 Most important Tasks, it's going on that to do list. Because I am thankful for it all, especially the conversations: the chill I got from the public schoolers when I even mentioned private schools, the Palestinian who talked about sometimes when we need an enemy we invent one, and the lovely Paige who actually may have a client for my work here in town. The note cards, the bracelets, and conversations....each are impacting my thoughts this week. I suspect there's a muse at work, gently intriguing me. Leading me to explore something.

So I am letting these thoughts sift. Yes, it is Organizing Monday, here's another work filled week. The lists, I am attacking those. The paint, well you will see more of that. But sometimes, a simple series of unexpected pleasures can be a reminder to relax, just take it in. Listen. Pause a moment in between the work. And maybe send some thank you's out myself.

How about you, have you ever gotten an unexpected thank you that made a difference in your day?


ParisBreakfasts said...

More Godivas please!
Missing those chockies...
Waiting anxiously for chocos
I am giving thanks to Borders for lending me their Paris guide books...ahem
Must go copy maps etc.

Janice C. Cartier said...

Chockies and I are engaged all afternoon...;-) Oooh, nexr week you'll be in Paris!!!

A Brush with Color said...

What a lovely post! I spent part of my weekend at home sending out Thank you's. I like the process of putting pen to paper and letting someone know how much their thoughtfulness meant to me. Love that bracelet! How sweet! I also have memories of reading the Times with my dad, and Joe and I have it delivered every single day--it's my favorite thing in the world to ease into the day with the NY you said--it's like the world at your fingertips.

Amy Derby said...

How cool that you got a present from the New York Times. The postcards look pretty. :-)

And the bracelet gift from the little girl looks lovely too!!

Your pictures always make me smile. Thanks for that today. :-)

Janice C. Cartier said...

Amy- Well then I am doing something right. :-)

ABWC- I LOVE the newspaper. I really would like to have it sent everyday again, but the papers stack up so tempting....

It feels good putting pen to paper like that. I got a thank you just yesterday ( by email) for sending a postcard. I love the thought of that moment when someone pulls it out of their to do that.