Thursday, October 23, 2008

Une, Deux, Trois, Chocolates

Et voila, the chocolates. Since every electronic thing I touched yesterday was wonky: the camera , the computer , the was a frustrating day. So painting chocolate was a good foil. Just water and paint. And chocolate. Not much to say about it. You can see for yourself, they are related, but each is different. Kind of like suedes and satin in chocolate brown. Might have to do some detailing in that sprinkle of nuts in the second one. They need some depth.

I want to get back to work and wrap this piece up by tomorrow. I have some shadows to paint, some details and that big deep grey background that will change everything. So I will leave you with les trois chocolates for today. And yes, Brush and I devoured the raspberry one. Rewards, you know I believe in those. Let's just hope the electronic gremlins have had their fun and gone.

Please tell me you reward yourself too. We should you know.


A Brush with Color said...

Oooooh, here they come! They are sooo turning out beautifully. I've been waiting for these moments, to see this! Excellent!

Janice C. Cartier said...

I am liking them too. Can't wait to see the whole thing pop.