Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Cheesecake with Blueberries and Peach

Succulent glazed fresh berries and a peach sit atop a creamy cheesecake with crust. This was a dream to eat. Each component enhanced the other. Happy, happy mouth. We were watching Giade de Laurentis on Capri, a Food network show, this past weekend.She has such enthusiasm. Everything we saw, was fresh, colorful and full of an incredible essence of magic. That happens when all the senses are attuned, engaged, and receptive. Everything is more. The scents, sounds, looks and tastes made us itch to be there, taste that, see this, do more...so it is with this little piece that I comtemplate an island paradise and urge my brush to go there with me. Perhaps it it possible to create a glimpse of paradise in small things around us each day. Today, when I dip into Naples yellow and add a little cobalt violet next to it, it can be the world of color for me. The light I use can be a little light reflecting off the water, and the freshness of drawing new form can remind me of endless new explorations.

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good colour