Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Kiwi Strawberry Flower Tart

This is cheerful. Succulent too. A mentor of mine, Patricia Tobacco Forrester, once told me that she found greens the hardest to do. In my painting life, I often set up pieces to tackle those things that are challenges, or that challenge a rule. Matisse did this too. In his goldfish paintings he set about making a dead center set up dynamic. That is behind one of my earlier paintings, "Red Orchids". Huge vibrant red orchids dancing around a green leaf center. I reversed the colors for "Unfolding" , one of my tropical series pieces,now housed in a good Mobile client's home. There is nothing static about them. So here we are revisiting- like seeing a good friend. Lively conversation ensues. The call and response between compliments and rhythms enjoyed anew.

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