Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Dean Moriarity and Tokyo Tam

Words never sounded so sweet as they do tumbling off Jack Kerouac's lips to the sound of a lazy jazz piano. And pleasant unexpected mail is always way fun. Two things today. ( See I am sticking to those simple single single digit numbers. ) Do yourself a favor and pick any one of the 50 Greatest Art Moments available on utube from this selection sent to me by the ArtJournal AND send someone a postcard. Come on one is free and the other is still less than a dollar anywhere in the world. ( Thank you Tam. Love it. )

Communication on a personal level, sharing some of the good moments one to one, that is just about tops in my book. Go on have some fun. Pick up a pen. NO don't click out an email, send someone a card or a note, or a child's drawing for their refrigerator ...While you listen to or watch some of these moments when things just kind of sizzle. Spread some of that one to one magic around.

Hey Brush, I like that Beret...let's see if it adds a Beat to the work today. Brush is so hip and cool.

Dean Moriarity, Dean Moriar-i-ty. Yeah, I like rhythm in my words and my lines. Don't you?


ParisBreakfasts said...

Oh dear...them links got my 'puter all confused
couldn't go no where :(
But here :)
I love you desktop still life melanges.
Wish you would paint those...
I know..who asked YOU!?

A Brush with Color said...

I like rhyme in your lines, too. ;))

ParisBreakfasts said...

Have you seen this video on Kalman?


ParisBreakfasts said...

I meant to add you are always so stylish! Elementally of course...

Graham Strong said...

Reminds me -- I've got a thank you note to write... Mail is so much more personal if only because it takes more time to do and, strangely, because it is real. Makes you wonder if mail service ever will disappear altogether...


Janice C. Cartier said...

PB- I will check out that Kalman. I have her Illustrated Strunk and White on my shelf. We love her.
( the links worked okay when I checked them again.??)

ABWC-Hey, rhyme in my line... love it!

Graham- I would hate for handwritten letters to go away. Thanks for reminding me too, that card to my mom needs a stamp....oops.

I wonder too, all those famous correspondences through the ages...are we up for emails and tweets to replace them?