Thursday, September 25, 2008

Feeling Sa-weet

Rewards or punishments, which work better? There's that striped list. That striped list looks like a few simple words scribbled in a row. It is. But it is part coach, part reminder, part collaboration partner to get me where I want to go. I am growing very fond of it. Could be because, in spite of everything that threatens to distract, I am plowing through it. Now should I let the fact that it has taken me more than one week trouble me, or should I celebrate that it is actually getting done now?

I took a huge long look at my master list on this painting series weeks ago. It's pretty big. Daunting really. I used to work one piece at a time. That wasn't going to work for the challenge before me so I tweaked a bit. Thought just maybe I would work everything through the development stages together. I decided to bring multiple working concepts up at the same time, get everything into flow at once. Lots of scissors, glue, drawing, studies, experimentation. And you know what. I like it. I worked a little out of order on this striped list this week, and I still have some things to do, but it is more done than not done. And I can actually see tangible progress in what I promised I would do on my master list on the series. So the striped list with the numbers, the striped list is a keeper.

Oh, the work still looks and feels a bit like chaos, like that oil paint I am playing in with that rag. I have tons more to do all round. But inside, it feels like spring. Ideas and concepts, ways of approach are bubbling, gurgling to the top. And THAT feels good. I know where I want the work to be within a month. That deadline is real. I have lots and lots of questions, lots of yet unknowns, but here's the one thing I do know: I can feel it getting there. It feels fresher, more alive. The goal I set out was not just to get x number of pieces done, it was to get x number of pieces done with a difference. So that little list is doing its job.

Now reward or punishment? Which is the way to go? I am thinking those cookies are looking pretty good.


ParisBreakfasts said...

How about a Reward chart like Supernanny proposes?
No cookies involved.
You get a sticker of a cookie how 'bout?
Sounds like yr moving ahead at a pace!
A one month deadline - I need that!
Must dust off chart and rehang on fridg too...

Janice C. Cartier said...

Color in reward Charts!!!!! Those are very very cool.

A Brush with Color said...

Oh, rewards, by all means! Those cookies are looking pretty darned good to me. Sounds like you're making good headway so why on earth would you punish yourself! Kudos!

Harmony said...

I amnot sure what brush would say, but I can comment on what Ginger says:
Reward everyone, including yourself, with kindness and find the good and speak it out. There are PLENTY of people in the world who will insure that the object of your respect NEVER has a chance to get the feared BIG HEAD.

I know, I don't get all you guys say here..but I sure love the visit anyway. :-))))

Janice C. Cartier said...

Harmony- I love for you to visit here. I like rewards. rewards wok so much better than any negative thought. Some where I heard it called contrast, that difference between what we would like and what is. That's the very moment when I have to remind myself that present, being in the present is the most important thing. Not always easy when we want to accomplish so much.

ABWC- Rewards all round. And those cookies( totally organic) were yummy. ;-)