Friday, September 12, 2008

Meeting Michael

Michael wants to meet me and talk about art, get to know me a little better. Where do I set that date? And he has asked to bring friends...He wants a window to my world. Where do you feel comfortable having a great conversation, looking at interesting things? Meeting an acquaintance? Where is your favorite neutral third place?

I am going to be naughty and ask to use your brains...where should I meet Michael? He's moneyed, well travelled, he's intelligent, he likes fine wines...this is business don't forget, he wants to buy my art. I'm thinking Emeril's or The Windsor Grill...or a dash into a nearby museum...or there in the Ritz Library Lounge, I have had some great conversations there.

Yep. Time to break out the cocktails and settle in...just chat for awhile about the things we love. Where to do that?

And please, don't forget, go stir up some Naughty yourselves. Aren't we glad it is Friday? I am.


Georg said...

Yes, go where YOU feel the Ritz
Bonne ideeet bon chance
bonne week-end!

A Brush with Color said...

Yay--he wants to buy your art! There you go--wherever you're comfortable, and then you'll be at ease with whatever happens. All those places you suggested sound great to me! (Maybe you could go for drinks to one, hors d'oeuvres for another, entree another, dessert...and then champagne to celebrate!) Whatever you decide, have fun and congratulations!

Amy Derby said...

Look at you being all naughty. I'm so proud. ;-)