Monday, September 29, 2008

Have You Lined Up Your Goals This Week?

This is what a before picture looks like. Before the fog of war, erm, the week sets in. If I unplug and put my horse blinders on, chances are pretty good that I can get what I want done this week done. I did a lot of tidying up this weekend, reviewing projects, straightening the notebooks, purging all the done, or no longer relevant from my desk. And looking at the master painting list. Ahem. While I can say I am pleased at the progress, the clock is ticking.

Over the weekend I decided, no DO NOT make a new list, just keep crossing the numbers off these old ones. And I have a new little project that I need to find some room for and not lose momentum on the big ones. Makes sense to combine them in some fashion. Puddles and truffles. I can go for that.

Do you have your 3 Most Important Tasks lined up? I am painting truffles this week. I am also puddling right and left with the wetlands watercolors. And I am determined to cross every item off that striped list before I fill in another. The apple? That's for eating.

Brush. it looks very much like Organizing Monday. And we have lots to do. Yes, I know those chocolates look very much like that carrot on the end of a stick. Get Pencil and meet me at the Moleskine...we've some chocolate-y, seashell-y, island-y drawing to do. What? Have Mercy? Oh, very funny, Brush. No truffles 'til we're done.

Got some incentives built into your week?


ParisBreakfasts said...

Got some incentives built into your week?
But your lineup looks awfully tempting...
No chocolate in my lineup of likely suspects - just tracing paper and pencil/ballpoint.
I hope I get to that paintbrush soon.
MITS here I come!!!

Janice C. Cartier said...

Hm...some design work going on?

Michael said...

that chocolate and apple..before coffee yes, but not before painting! Thanks for the temptation..

A Brush with Color said...

Puddles and truffles--sounds like a good name for a novel. Love the chocolates and fruit!

Janice C. Cartier said...

Michael- They smell wonderful together. So far the paint has come first. ;-)

ABWC-Puddles and Truffles- Almost like Ruffles and Flourishes...a song or a novel.. ;-) And very tempting.