Thursday, September 4, 2008

Government By Utube

As I refocus on the puddles, let me share an email with you:

Jan---Thanks, got your birthday message but was in the middle of cleaning up. Things not too bad here. City opened up today, power back on at the office, but not at Hillary or Dominican yet. Had lunch at Superior Grill on St. Charles near Touro. They were barbecuing outside and the place was full of cops, national guard, doctors, and locals. Funny image was three national guard walking in with their M-16’s and getting in line to order. We have had an experiment in government by Youtube today. WWL radio had reporters all over the place and was forcing coordination between parish governments by reporting the traffic snafus that were going on due to lack of communication between police departments. Interesting times.---Ken.

Interesting times indeed. My friend is one of the go to engineers who stays as essential personnel. We rode out Katrina together in that house on Hillary Street. So he's okay and so am I. Time to get back to work.

See that pan of paints up there? Brush is diving in today. And the scissors are coming out for those collages. Do we need some music? You bet.

Oh Brush, I know you want to go shopping for cowboy boots, but pul-lease, we have work to do. Sheesh. If it is not Nabokov, it's Gustav. Now you!....what? I would look good in cowgirl boots? Well, do your stuff and I'll think about it.


A Brush with Color said...

LOL--lovin' Gene Autry here. So glad they didn't get hit as everyone feared. I did read that there was trouble with letting people return because of snafus with communications, etc. I'm just glad folks were ok and they weren't hit with another whammy. Hope the rest of hurricane season is gentle to NO. and everywhere else, for that matter...

I recognize those Kremers up there, but that tin of yours is soooo much cleaner/neater than mine is right about now. Have fun splashing in those puddles.

Janice C. Cartier said...

I thought a little giddy up and go would be good. I know you'll get a bit from Hannah and I haven't even checked the rest of the line up. I am boots and saddles here though.

Playing in the puddles now. ;-)

Loved your citrus. Really good stuff there.

Parisbreakfasts said...

Thank you brush for getting back up on the diving board!
a 1..a 2...a 3

Janice C. Cartier said...

You are so welcome. Did a spa fusion mask on my face this am, grabbed the art goodies and am working outside today on the terrace. It is ONLY 84 degrees. Brr. We had been having 100 degree Texas hot afternoons.

Brush is on deck...maybe he will paint me a Bloody Mary....:-)
Super duper Winterthur flower series you have going.