Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Inside The Box

Metaphors. Symbolism. Clarity of speech. All tools to make a point. Pictures, images, the tools of my trade. Inside the box. A place I rarely stay. No, no, it's much more fun to play. A wise man once said, ..."There are no disconnected facts only complex structure"....so I go explore. With paint and person, brain engaged, eyes upon safari. What speaks to me? What holds allure? What can engage? What grabs me heart and head? A curiosity. An idea. I like lots of those. Creative people are a different breed you may think. What sets us apart? Is it our radar? Our ability to translate across a multitude of disciplines ? Or is it just that we like to enjoy ourselves? To romp with all our gifts? You know it must be fun to stay inside, cozy, familiar, and structured. Ignorance might be bliss. A nap, a pleasant time. But look over here, did you see that? Do you know where this could fit? Oh yeah, that would be brilliant! And we go along. Until we find another thing. Puzzle for a while. Paint. Enjoy sheer beauty on its own. Make it all look easy. But here's a clue you lovely ones, you who know can see...we give you just the tip of the iceberg ( Hemingway) we tend our tool kit well. But one thing, one thing most of all is that we let you see our joy. The joy of our play. Of taking chocolate to gold. Of painting geometry in a way that let's you in on the secret. We really really like our work. We really like to play. See chef did and so did I. And we serve it up to you. Play somewhere. Spend some time outside the box. Let the structure go. And when it is time. Return. Keep the child inside alive. That box might start to glow.

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