Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Soothing Places

It's still rainy, still overcast. I am back again with my tea, pausing for just a moment. We had storms all around us last night. Um, sip. I am aching to pull a pencil across paper,get the rest of the watercolors begun. First I have to clear a table, pull the paints back out. I have put my character ( in the novel) at a hunting lodge near water's edge. Of course it is complete with spa. She finds peace there, and invigoration. HAH. Don't we all?

I am hoping as she hikes, comes into herself, that my pencil and paint will flow. It's a hope. Well, one that I think has a good chance of happening. Yum, mint tea, nice and warm. I look out the window. Yep, I have about 10 watercolors in the pipeline. Yes, 10-22' x 30's that I have on my plate at the moment. And that directive that came in the night. Connections and continuity.

Dallas is urban. Nice urban and I do urban okay, love to do urban in Manhattan and San Francisco, but I don't paint urban. I am looking, I have some ideas, but nothing so far is calling to me. I am thinking to go down to the Nasher later on in the week. I sometimes find myself there. So it's a little back and a little stuck, and a little forward. And I need to flow. I need to connect. And there has to be some kind of continuity.

So I have put my character, by instinct, in a place that I need to go. And that is just puzzling and weird to me. Is this what writers do? The words flowed yesterday, something clicked with me. I want to quickly put paper and paint in the path of all that. I am picking one of my soothing places to pull me further in, but the hope is that the work will go someplace even better than before. I am just showing up, we'll see where it can go. Hopefully, forward...and near a spa. Okay, you know I am smiling at that, right?

Come on Brush, grab your boots. We're hiking today.


A Brush with Color said...

"A hunter's lodge at the water's edge--" Well, now, that can't be bad! And hot tea...it all sounds good to me. I think you're doing more than "just showing up." And good for you getting those boots on. Incidentally, I'm liking that sketch of your photo image there! Sweet!

Janice C. Cartier said...

*smiles* I love that sketch, too. I have several things I want to do with it. The leaves look like birds in flight or butterflies to me.

Yeah, the lodge is a huge pleasant surprise, kind of a bivouac at the Ritz, but with nature... why not? More not tea today , I think as the paint AND the words move a bit....

Janice C. Cartier said...

That would be HOT tea ( not tea? LOL)