Monday, November 10, 2008

Trying A New Scent

For the past two or three days two words have woken me up. Connections and continuity. I would have gotten up and written them down then, all kinds of brilliant thoughts accompanied the words, but it was our first chilly morning here and the down comforter was more convincing in its arguments for no. Not just yet. It was still way way dark outside. In fact, yes, one of those 2am calls again. Brr, Dark and cold. Yet the thoughts lingered. Eventually I fell back asleep. Seemed innocuous enough. Nothing earth shattering, startling or new. I snoozed.

This morning was even chillier. The words came back. The comforter comforted. I slid further into my pillow, but I listened a little closer. Hm. Nothing remotely dramatic. Just glimmers wrapped in down. I do have a small rule about these things. If something presents itself to me repeatedly, it's probably something I should pay attention to. (See Nabakov) Hm. As I typed his name a virtual whoosh made me pause once again. Aha. Possibly one of those moments.

I came into this day listening for further clues. Longing for the paint. It is raining gently and I am wearing all black. Cozy, warm. Almost purring like a cat. Hm. Look, a new sample of scent. I smiled, "Notorious." And there's my current journal. A slight curve lifted the right side of my lips. No, we can't go there, or can we? Connections and continuity. I peeled the scented paper back and rubbed it on my wrists, my neck. Yum. I like it very much. I looked again at the photo of the scent. Tilted my head just a bit. Looked back to my journal. Thinking.

Well, what do you know, I thought. Maybe it IS possible to let a little out. Hm, maybe, as I sit here with my tea, just maybe... Oh, I'll organize. It's Monday after all, but this scent is growing on me. Hm, let's see... that night long ago at the Columns... or the weekend in Dripping Springs... Connections and continuity. Have I locked up way too much? I am so smiling.

Yep, Organizing Monday. No one said it couldn't be fun.


A Brush with Color said...

LOL--notorious, eh?! I was sniffing perfumes yesterday as a matter of fact. And then sniffing coffee beans in-between perfume sniffs--to clear the nose so as to prepare for the next scent. But alas--they all started to blend together after a while! You described a soothing, contented respite...aaaaaaahhhhh...

Janice C. Cartier said...

I like this scent, a lot. Since I was deprived of my scent purchasing trip last week, I am building up a good craving. I can do only a few scent/coffee bean rounds myself. Allergies and it does begin to blend.

I am all about the soothing at the moment. It seems to be a cycle of shifting, strange, discomfort and , yes, grief, moving in an out. And creativity. They are intertwined. Head tilt huh, moments. And pain, mixed. So we go with soothing and just pushing through...and scent. This one is on my list of must buys.