Monday, January 7, 2008

The Fourth Way To Own an Original Cartier

Yep. A hat. But not just any hat. This is my Doc Ford hat given to me by none other than the ever so talented Randy Wayne White. It goes on location with me in the field. In a Jet Ranger helicopter at 4 am . Yep. It's there. Riding out a force five hurricane. There. Painting in the wetlands. There again. So I am calling it into service for the Let Them Eat Cake Birthday Raffle. What do you do? Send me an email with your info and say, Put my name into the hat, please. You can toss in a few nice words about yourself or me if you like.
Then we shake 'em all up and see who is plucked out of the hat on my birthday, January 31. The Prize: A free original 5 x 7 Let Them Eat Cake Oil Painting. I am your own commissioned artist then, as I announced in the last post.

And Randy won't mind...he would raffle peppers, not pastries, but hey...he can't paint....he sure can write though...I am especially fond of the two novels that have original Cartiers mentioned in them....Tomlinson, Ford's sidekick wears my handpainted silk sarongs. So treat yourself to a little treat from me to celebrate my email to me with your info and you're in the hat. Not bad company, ma cherie.


tongue in cheek said...

How delicious of an idea!
Happy Day

Janice C. Cartier said...

Thanks Corey. You're in!

Kellie Hill said...

wonderfully delicious idea! can I be in too?
(hm... my birthday is in December- can I steal your idea then?)

Janice C. Cartier said...

kellie-you're in! JC

Merisi said...

Do you think you can handle a visit to Vienna on the 27th, my daughter's (and Mozart's!) birthday? We could start your celebrations right there.