Thursday, January 10, 2008

My Tart of Choice

Carol will scold me about the yellow date on this one, but I left it on to show you. Yesterday I asked what you would choose to own if your name is picked out of the hat. Today...What would I choose to keep of all the 200 or so tarts and pastries and cakes and treats I have painted these last six months? This one is the only one I've kept for myself. Why? Can anyone guess?
The painters out there may know. Jane has another special piece so there is another clue. Sensei Duane could tell you. Which work do we keep in private collection? Which work do we let go? If you ever visited my studio before the storm, you would have seen my private collection. All artists have them. Collectors drool over getting first pick, or something privately held..what is it about this piece or the other that the artist wants to keep near? And what of collectors who choose this or that? What makes their hunter's instinct kick in? The heart beat picks up, the eyes are riveted..and check books come out...there are great stories about all this. But for today, choosing is important. What we choose to keep near is in effect a reflection of our imaginations, ourselves. So what was I imagining? What do you think this says? And what will you choose?

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ParisBreakfasts said...

Je le deteste le jaune!!!

Janice C. Cartier said...

This in from my friend Pat:
" If whatever is around us is a reflection of our imagination then mine is crowded."

She is vowing a real the good stuff shows through. I think we are complex creatures, always in process. JC

Merisi said...

Memories of sharing time with a friend?

Merisi said...

I wonder what is this demure beauty at the bottom left? A Baba au Rhum?

Janice C. Cartier said...

It is a Saint Honoré, patron saint of pastry. :)