Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Southern Storytellers

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and italian cream cake...I met Willie Morris over a slice of Italian Cream Cake. It was a cozy, elegant home wedding for a friend in Jackson, Mississippi. It was one of two times I got to spend just a bit of time with one of our country's more celebrated storytellers. And just the way a lot of really great times take the kitchen. You've been there. How many times is the real party the one going on in the kitchen, no matter what size the house, what the occasion, and who's invited? Now in the south any one of the guys in the room could tell a good joke, or a story, and they did as the ice chinkled against another bourbon or two and the drift of ladies perfumes gently entered and exited the room. There's a sparkle in the eye of these guys when the game is on. Oh yeah, it's a sport alright. And if the players are good at it, pull up a chair and just watch the action. There's a rhythm, a pacing, a toss back and watch for the score and everybody wins. I saw a master at work while eating a delicious Italian Cream cake at Lane and Susan's that day and a lovely coterie of southern gentlemen at play.

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