Monday, January 14, 2008

Plastic Baby in Cake

You get used to a lot of strange things in New Orleans. And a lot of things just have to stay in New Orleans, kinda like Vegas. But one thing you too can enjoy, is the garish, tacky, hopelessly delicious King Cake tradition. Last week Cakespy had one of the best posts I have seen on king cake. I issued a challenge to any reader wanting a no brainer easy way to give hand up to the rebuilding effort: order a cake from one of the locals of note...cakespy said she would like to see me paint one. So one easy phone call later and a Saturday delivery..voila....Haydel's cream cheese filled fresh king cake at my door in Dallas. ( if you call before eleven am, overnight delivery, the very nice lady said) So am I painting a totally tacky and garish piece of King Cake? You bet. Well, after I get the purple sugar off my mouth.


Cakespy said...

YES!!!! I can't wait to see it...hopefully we won't see crumbs in the paint! :-)

ParisBreakfasts said...

I can't wait either!
I want to see it out of the bag too