Monday, December 17, 2007

Dutch Apple Tart

Cerulean blue and yellow. A hike on a different path. Like visiting various masters, keeps perspective alive. It deepens our depths. Keeps our vision fresh. Like crisp running springs and clear coastal breezes that wash our psyches clean...staying restless, experimenting, invigorates our muse. So here's a simple tart, apple wedges dusted with snow, a starchy white paper sleeve and a tiny bit of our friend Van Gogh. It wanted a cerulean blue to bring you into the glow and the charm of it. It's timelessness, it's warmth. It wanted me to paint sunny yellow, take me along that route you see. It begged for a few branches of brown, to move me along the path. It's a little walk, a slight change in blue, nothing really fancy, a snapshot if you will, of my trek along another coast down a bit of Vincent's path to ponder a bit of his view.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Vincent,

I'd only seen your potato-eaters in the past.
Nice to see you got a bit of pomme once in a while.

Tarty Commentor

Merisi said...

Cerulean blue, I have almost forgotten how it feels to see a cerulean blue sky. Sunny yellow too. Imagine eating that! :-)

Janice C. Cartier said...

Winter skies above us all...a little yearning for some warm blue and sun to go with it.
Love the Christmas in Vienna photos.