Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Way Good Cupcake

A surprise from chef. Just sitting there in the case waiting for me. No idea what flavor, but I knew if he made it it would be good. Having recently experienced the Sprinkles offerings, I felt prepared for good.I painted not knowing what was coming up. Well, WAY GOOD was in the stars for me on this one. It is a surprise of black walnuts and coconut , just a bit, and I think nutmeg in the best cupcake cake I have EVER tasted. Like a caribbean cloud with a hint of cream cheese whipped in cream. The little top is totally sugar. He wins. Hands down. No contest. So real and transporting I looked to see if there was a cabana boy near by to bring me a beverage. Kudos chef! Encore, encore.

At auction currently. Grab your own cabana boy and bid! Click over on the right.


ParisBreakfasts said...

I just saw the Lucian Freud show last night at the MOMA and I think he and you could get together in the "sprinkles" area.
He does good sprinkles even if they aren't exactly sprinkles by pushing around dryed paint maybe..?
But his work is not deliciously edible as yours is..

Janice C. Cartier said...

Whoa, I just took a look at the Freud opening. Color me green with envy that you were there. I have admired his work for-EVER. Would drop everything to paint with him.
I could order pastries..we could paint...hmmm, edgy psychological portrait pastries....hmmm, something in that..tanks!

Merisi said...

This was truly an example of pastry maker art that called out to be painted by you. And then, looking at your painting and trying to imagine the flavor combination you are describing, together these form a true gourmand experience.

I am no longer drooling over pastry cases, no, I think instead what Janice or Bridget or Carol would make of them! :-)