Sunday, December 2, 2007

Blackberry Button

I had to paint cream. And so I did. This luscious cheesecake fit the bill. It is going to a new home. So thank you very much my new friend. I appreciate your bidding and your buying too. Allons-y. The next one please. We must bring this up to date, vite, vite...the holidays are here..:)


Anonymous said...

More chance to study the lovely painting at length with less words to distract from the MAIN EVENT!


Ms. Artmaker said...

Hey Janice, its me, Alison, aka. Ms. Artmaker! I can't hardly wait for these little gems to arrive!! I am totally hooked on your paintings! Love them madly! I am continuing to keep my eye on the auctions. Just few more would be great in the kitchen. Tee hee hee....

Anonymous said...

This gateaux brings to mind that ole black bottom...
I mean blackberry bottom
Or rather very berry cream pie
Oh heck!

Party Pooper

Anonymous said...

I could definitely get into some serious jonesing with this here tarte!
Most enticing it is..

Ms. Anne Thrope