Friday, December 14, 2007

Tiramisu I Love You

Tiramisu I do love you. And I love the new short film Heart Tango which is actually an ad for Intimissimi lingerie. Hey, it IS Naughty Friday...(It just happens. I don't plan this stuff). Anyway there was a bit of discussion yesterday over what some copywriters called the "stupidest web site design ever" referring to Leo Burnett's new site. Well, I thought differently. But that is just little ol' me who is, hmm, visual in nature maybe...stupid? Stupid like a fox maybe...and guess who did this new, may I say totally tasteful, but hot Intimissimi ad everyone is talking about? Yep. Leo people. Buzz. Again, I will put my 2 cent vote in for increased visual literacy....So the Italian theme here, it seemed to kind of fall into place. My thanks to Maryann and her Dolce Vita community. And also my thanks to very talented Dean Rieck who proposed the gross "stupidity" for our perusal. Me, I want pictures, pastries and really great underwear...oh and a tango with that José Fidalgo from Portugal...Tiramisu Tango I say. Yep. Enough for everybody please. And for Lawton Chiles and the guys. I am buying Intimissimi next time out. So yep. It is profitable.

Almost forgot...please help me get that intimissimi. Click on the right and looked expensive...:) Guys. Go to an art museum sometime. I'll meet you there and we'll go over how to read a picture...all due respect.


Anonymous said...

And you've got the best brains on positioning...
your tiramisu on the table.
Table it I say!


Janice C. Cartier said...

Kind words thanks.