Thursday, December 13, 2007

Napoleon Imparfait

Messy. But creamy good. He slid a bit on the way home. And the very well intentioned counter person, wrapped him up for transport, ooh la la, non, non. Oui. He did. Do not fear, Napoleon is nothing if not resilient. I scooched him off the tiramisu, rescued him from the grips of the blackberry tart, unwrapped him and took a look. And here he is looking back, still brilliant and very very handsome.

Savor your own Napoleon? His auction ends tomorrow night. Click over on the right.


Merisi said...

I am in the middle of research into both the intracacies and the differences of American and Viennese Napoleons. *chuckle*
Just kidding. :-)
I do notice a difference though, maybe it's because Viennese pastry shops sell them within hours after being produced. Their puff pastry is incredibly flaky with a hint of the special butter they use (European butter has a higher fat content, you may have tasted Plugra, available in the USA) and the filling's texture is lighter, as if they added (more)whipped cream to the crème patissiere. Not that I know, it's just my taste sensation.
Maybe I should make a taste test run???

Anonymous said...

I remember you visiting my site way back when at my start and thought I would return your kind gesture with a link to you on my link page. I hope you are well. The paintings look great :)

Janice C. Cartier said...

Merisi, good to know you are on the job and in the field doing the research :) ...yes, the world needs to know these things, so run now...And thanks for taking to the frontlines for us all. JC
Maryann, I'll take that Dolce Vita anytime! Thanks for includingme...Thanks to your blog, I now know the world's new Sophia Loren ( Rowena's mention of the new Heart Tango film for Intisssima


Thanks for stopping by. JC