Friday, November 30, 2007

Gingerbread Man Cake

Janice Cartier will not be posting today... She and her friends in New Orleans have been told by Paul Kirk, chairman of the debate committee, that we don't measure up.Yes. It is true. It is in all the papers,so it must be true.

At least it is reason enough for the debates to stay away. Oxford, MS (evacuation city of choice) does measure up...we are not enough... You read it huh? Well she won't be posting...because she is still reeling from the enormous slap in the face to her and her friends who stand and deliver everyday. She is incredulous at the supreme wasted opportunity and even more at the egregious insult he uttered.

Its okay. She'll recover...but she would like to disinvite Paul Kirk to Mardi Gras, Jazz Fest, Commander's, Antoines, Slim Goodies, and forever from her house for dinner ( no matter where she is camped out) and no he cannot listen to one Wynton Marsalis CD or eat at KPaul's, or hear Doctor John or walk on her street...

For those of you, my dear ones, please forgive me, but I am having a really tough time keeping a civil tongue in my mouth, as my grandmother would say. So I will not be posting today. Yellow bellied, chicken livered...son of a biscuit eater....There is a way to politely decline an invitation and a way to make a total insensitive ass of yourself. Nice choice Paul. Oops. See it just comes out.

So she better just go paint...maybe something in red....

Seriously, folks. The insult is real. Every day countless, non photogenic people and stories of heart take place there. It is heartbreaking to me to see that discounted with what he said and more so in passing this opportunity up to maybe have a REAL debate. God forbid a statesman appear. We are better than this folks. Have some guts. To my love always...what you do does not go unnoticed. And if you out there are so inclined, buy something from New Orleans on line. There's lots of good stuff. No one wants a hand out, just a chance...and some respect. Paul, shame on you and all the pack. Gutless wonders all of you. Buy a painting , buy a book, by something good to eat. I apologize again, but man this took the cake.


Anonymous said...

This is one guy I would LOVE to meet!
And eat by the way...
Is there anything better than a Gingerbread man?


Red Head

Stephen Magsig said...

Janice, Great blog and great artwork. I will be buying a painting from New Orleans. I am glad you are speaking up. We in the north know the government has let you down. It is all of them, vote independent next time and tell the Military-Industrial-Congressional-Complex that controls everything we are tired and won't take it anymore.
Hang in there and keep up the good work A fan, S