Friday, March 7, 2008

Chocolate Brownie Squared

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Concentrated flavor. Chocolate intensified. Kind of like espresso. Lots of coffee whallop in a little tiny cup, a twist of citrus hugging the rim. Hmm. Hemingway said that in writing, he tried to write one true thing. And then another. He was writing "intensified", distillation at its best. He called it the iceberg method. Leave the majority unseen, unspoken, but there nonetheless. He was not a southerner. We have to work hard to edit. But he had the good sense to head to Paris and do the cafe scene. Now there were some concentrated ideas. Flavors that would affect our world for years on end. Swirling a little citrus in a cup, art and literature of a different type were born between the wars. Richard Ford has done it too. I read his short story in the New Yorker yesterday. It is about things spoken and those left unsaid. The backdrop is New Orleans. Talk about iceberg writing. I wonder how many people will actually get it.
It made me look again at these treats. What does this brownie say? What is this series, really? It is glorious fun to paint. Rich pigment, lusciously applied. Intensely felt, flavored... contained. Little moveable feasts while I drift. Richness on a very small scale. Reminders, place holders, access points. The artist distilled. There's a bigger story. One very hard to tell. For now, I taste a concentrated brownie squared, I swirl a citrus in a cup...and Patti knows the other day, I talked out loud in myself.... Hemingway in paint? Could be.
Hemingway could have made this brownie. It is everything it needs to be, evocative of more. Of course he wouldn't have put it in a fancy skirt. That would be me.


ParisBreakfasts said...

Squared to the square...
Chocolate bars are squares within squares...
Oh wait in a rectangle...
A tangle of chocolate squared off
I use to bit off the corners.
Pass the Brownie please!

a secret admirer said...

It looks soo delish and gooey!
No one paints chocolate like you do!
Do you give lessons per chance..?

Merisi said...

Thank the Lord that my daughter let me have the little piece of peanut butter chocolate brownie that her older sister had baked and shared with her, otherwise I would have been hanging her at the computer, trying to somehow get to your brownie!!! :-)
Such perfect temptatiousness (I know, not a word, but it exists, doesn't it?), such prose, and then the link to a Richard Ford short story I do not know yet! Merci, merci beaucoup, Janice C.! :-)))
Have you red the short story collection "A Multitude of Sins", by Richard Ford? A veritable treasure, each "short" story contains what other writers may need a 500 pages novel to say half as much. I have his newest novel here, unfortunately still waiting to be read. Soon, I say. ;-)
Good paintings and good readings to you,

Janice C. Cartier said...

@merisi- note to self, buy Multitude of Sins...thanks. Richard Ford lived in my neighborhood before the storm and often hung out in "my" coffee shop as did all we notables..hehe.. and that spot is only a block from where Capote, Williams et all used to attend Mrs. Bultman's Salon don't cha know...I love good thanks fir suggesting another of Richard's reads.. hugs Merisi. JC
@PB- I need some of your salad composes to rotate with the chocolate!!! :)