Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Chocolate Nun for Fun

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Snow. We have snow in North Texas. Was it the raspberry snow I painted last week? Did we collectively cause a snow day? And if we did, where were you all when I was in second grade desperately wanting to sled all day? Some snows are magical. We all ran to the windows late last night to look at the tree branches and leaves on the bushes outside gently gathering a loft of white. I woke up in Santa Fe to a May snow not long ago. Wow. It just whispered in and blanketed everything. So we slept well around here. And I am having some chocolate chaud maybe with Sister Chocolatta here. Shhh. Let her enjoy one more bit of the morning....aw come on...you couldn't resist either. They are really delicious. Now where is my sled?

1 comment:

secret admirer said...

I am a secret admirer of your Nuns...ahem
So deliciously luscious...
So temptingly chocolatey...