Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Raspberry square. It's on the studio schedule today. So is the watercolor, "Shipwrecked ". The flavor of the square is screaming eat me, eat me. and the puddles are saying paint me, paint me.

I know there are worse dilemmas to have in life. Do I haul out the oils to paint little raspberry here so I can eat it, or enjoy the morning hush spreading watercolor over wonderful arches paper with a sable brush before the household wakes up? The morning doves are out too. Hmm...need more tea. Which will it be?


ParisBreakfasts said...

Set up 2 work spaces, even on the same table and work on both at the same time..or really back and forth whilst the watercolor puddles are drying, paint the raspberry square.
Why not?

Merisi said...

Morning hush.
Even the word sounds beautiful.
Hush reminds me of Good Night, Moon.
The evening's hush carried over into the beginning of the new day.
So peaceful.
Why not just sit and look out the window while drinking your tea slowly, letting the quietness sink in?