Friday, March 14, 2008

Pot de Creme Chocolate Avec Cerise

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The canvas arrived. Pastry Sleuth brought me some treats. Finally, today we have a little bit of luscious creme to go with all that reading, sketching, and "inspired creation. " As you can see I enjoyed playing a little slip and slide in the shadows here. Even though it is Naughty Friday, I probably shouldn't tell you what I'm thinking of doing with that dollop of whipped cream, the cherry, and the chocolate. It's like a little island of fun after a hard week's work she says smiling. Thoughts drift...ahem. Well I am going to haul out and probably massacre a favorite guy quote from that fount of wisdom, Yoda. " There is no try. Do. " Go grab some yummy delights for yourself this weekend and enjoy. The naughtier, the better, I say. That, my friends, is a girl quote. Now where is Noie? We need to head to The Columns.


ParisBreakfasts said... that an edible cookie basket that delightful thing is sitting in?
Lordie how you do tempt us girl?!

Janice C. Cartier said...

@PB- It is porcelain alas, but the chocolate is ready to devour.

Anonymous said...

I should say... where are you?? I'm here.
I say, if you are going to sin, sin bravely.

Janice C. Cartier said...

@noie- this is why we are such good friends. Of course, it could be that pilot you gave me for my birthday once upon a time, too...such a friend ! (Noie is very creative) ;-)

a secret admirer from afar..OK from Paris..ahem said...

I say My Dear,
This is ever so lovely.
I could woof it down quite happily.