Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A Citron Twist

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Tartness that makes your taste buds take note with just enough sweet. Combinations. Intriguing pairings. I had a pistachio basil truffle in Asheville at the Chocolate Fetish a summer ago. Chocolate with savory. Still lingers in my palette memory. Like a dream, only real. I woke up this morning thinking of dreams. The ones we have for ourselves as well as the ones that come to us in the night. As an artist, we call many things into being. Create them everyday. I am thinking of intriguing pairings because there is a painting in my dreams. It is a hybrid. An integrating piece and it both excites and terrifies me. The painting exists within me. It has been there for some time. But not since writing so much each day and thinking in different combinations has it spoken so insistently to me. It is raw. It is quite a stretch. It is lived and wished. It is a little incomplete because it is a turbulent piece. As in dreams the edges shift, the flavors change as I try to focus on it. There is a balance to be struck between the acid and the sweet. So I am pondering this tart and what it can teach me. Do I have it in me? Can I make it work? I know of only one way to find out. This little citron tart is saying yes, there is a recipe, but they are merely suggestions, as my friend Noie would say. And there are many guides. But you, you must make it your own. So tart has thrown the gauntlet down. Don't you hate it when they do that?


Vienna for Beginners said...

Those little tartlett rascals, how dare they?

Do you have "it" in you? You sure do! Some things need time to mature, and then, suddenly they present themselves right there, in front of you.

Vienna for Beginners said...

Oh, off the comment went!

I wanted to add that the tartlett looks as if it had the letters of "Citron" written on it, like a puzzle.

A friend of mine gave me some years ago a recipe for Basil Pecan Balls, I have been baking them for Christmas every year since. They are delicious!

Janice C. Cartier said...

Thanks Merisi for the vote of confidence. " It" is now insistent...not sure if it is mature, but it sure is in my face. :) It is officially now in the studio flow.
The Basil Pecan Balls must be delicious. Hmm. Feel like sharing the recipe? Might give our Bourbon Balls a run for their money. JC