Thursday, June 7, 2007

Chocolate Dome

If architects were patisserie makers, can you see Frank Gehry's wares? That could upscale the upscale on niche bakeries.He's doing jewelry for Tiffany so hmm, hey Frank...This was a tasty treat purchased at the Main Street Bakery. Yummy inside too-cheesecake. I am actually enjoying the oils. Now that I can make them slip and slide a bit. I love to work way big in watercolor, hard for me to explore if I am doing that small scale. But I am loving doing these little oils. It is making me rethink the larger oils I have in progress. And it remnds me of that game, name that tune-the fewer notes it takes for you to get it being the goal. I have a six panel, 12 feet long watercolor in progress. I started it in Santa Fe last spring. It is a wetlands painting I discussed well before the storm with the curator of the Ogden Museum in New Orleans and the Walter Anderson Museum in Ocean Springs.The six panel sketches were done mostly before Katrina in Still Perkin in my " hood". Friends and neighbors and tourists dropping by, clouds moving over the cpypts that daily reminded us Carpe Diem, waiters heading up the block to Commander's for their shifts,soaking up the ambiance,.. And yes, pastry was involved.Six Sketches but it was two panels then in concept. After the storm, the need is greater to make it say more. So here I am in Dallas, musing, all from a little dome of chocolate. This item went up on ebay this am. You too can make dreams come true.
(Again apologies for the incorrect date stamp on the photo)

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