Saturday, June 9, 2007

Chocolate Nun

I had never seen a chocolate nun.(My friends at home of course made the appropriate "chocolate city" comments when I told them what I was painting.) My thoughts go to Paris streets and two straight lines. I wonder which baker came up with this name. In any case it is little profiterole stacked on top of another with chocolate, yum, and rich cream.So how can that be bad? Makes my mouth water even now. Sinful and delicious. Fed my soul. Didn't feel especially pious except in enormous gratitude to the powers that be and the pastry chef at the Main Street Bread Baking Company. I really began to enjoy the oils on this one. It is funny how we have to sometimes play around to get to what we need from the studio. I loosened up here. Felt the paint even more. John Scott always encouraged play and experimentation. After two minutes with him, you became braver than you ever thought and more childlike. Will it work? Try it and see. Permission to be a child in the studio. Magic can happen then. I think Picasso had a quote about creation and keeping the child alive in the artist . Ah but here I am back in France again. Maybe I really want to be a Madeleine in two straight lines, skipping to get my snack. But I had a breakthrough in the oils, un petit peu. That made me smile.

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