Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Chocolate Eclair

The thing about a truly wonderful eclair is the total uniqueness and distinction of each of its components. The first bite, like a first glance, says it all. The rest is called savoring. If it is really good -bliss. You can't just phone it in. The choux pastry has to be light, puffy and just a smidge chewy. The cream inside has to be exquisitely buttery, fresh and, well, creamy. And the chocolate, well that has to be satiny, rich and real. If each part of the whole in a painting is really cherished for its essence, and experienced, then you have the beginnings of a nice piece that may work. The parts still have to fit the form and carry the message. How far can I push this shape, this light? When is just a bit enough? What resonance between hues makes it pop? Then, after all that, does it say how much I loved exploring this yummy little treasure? Did you take them there? If you get it right, that first bite or first glance is sustained and keeps giving over and over again long after the crumbs have been cleared.

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