Thursday, June 14, 2007

Harlequin Cheesecake

Loved this "harlequin " cheesecake. It's a party waiting to happen. A parade of treats I called this series yesterday on ebay. You can take the artist out of New Orleans, but you can't take the New Orleans out of the the artist. Every now and then we need a chance to throw a little unexpected twist into the works. Wear a mask.Enjoy a bit of pagentry, maybe second line a bit. For some reason painting this reminded me of designing the silks for Mardi Gras krewe favors,one of the many bits of ephemera and design that make up a successful season. It's more that the world sees that Fat Tuesday. Artisans and European style craftspeople plan, design, select and fabricate each detail that is seen and unseen.Balls must be planned, protocals practiced, secrets of royalty kept, guest rooms and cots counted ( or just bathrooms if you are on the parade route) At this moment even in the summer heat there dens of "elves" plying their trade, creating what ifs for 2008. There are parties to plan parties for goodness sakes. It is about joie de vivre and watch out it can be contagious. If you have never danced with a "Big Chief", or caught a coconut, or seen Henri Schindler's's huge papier mache heads dancing at a ball, all I can hope is that you try it one day. The chef who made this had one of those days, I think, when less was not enough. My thanks to him, or her. It was yummy and surprising, too. Had to reach for some unexpected colors. Come on you can hear the music now can't you? Sometimes ordinary is not what we need.

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