Friday, June 8, 2007

Pear Tart

Love pear tarts. This one was so freash, so subtle. I just pulled the Naples yellow over the top and smoothly added the burnt sienna to the sides. Smidged some lavendar in theshadows, saved the whites and cherished it all.There is a world in this tart. To borrow from Proust, it makes me feel and sense other times other places and yet be fully in the place I am now. So this one is to all my friends and for thoughts of all we have shared and loved about our lives. Wherever we all may be at this time, you still are with me as I savor this several times-in the choosing, in the painting, in the eating and in the remembering. Very renewing little tart. Very poignant too.
I think I will search for an apple one.

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