Thursday, June 21, 2007

Two Cannoli

Crunch and cream. Pistachio and just a smidge of chocolate on the rim. Yum. So many fun times at Broccato's. Cannoli are a neighborhood thing. Hand made. Would like to have tried one on a recent trip to Baltimore. We lucked into a margherite pizza from a brick oven that has been there for over 150 years, not two blocks from the harbor. It was that nor'easter weekend around Easter time. Up for my brother's funeral in Richmond. Amazing how a little warm lunch on a cold day in a neighborhood spot, a handmade treasure made by a young Italian ragazzo honing the craft can rewarm a heart. Broccato's has reopened in New Orleans. My friends were back that first week. Handmade cannoli. Lines, not a problem for heartwarming. Getting a bit of self back. Sometimes you just have to bite into life and taste it again.

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