Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Lemon Madeleines

Two straight lines. Although gaily tripping little school girl rhymes usually come to mind every time I see a Madeleine, these reminded me of the beach. Totally the form. When I set them up, oysters and sea shells and the sand I've walked on several coasts and barrier islands came into my minds eye. So I went a little wet and sandy in the background. We rise from the sea. All life. Botticelli painted it so well that his Venus is a cultural icon. Nike will probably figure out a way to sell shoes with it and Venus will rock with an ipod across our screens sometime. I have and happily use both of those essential items by the way-not knocking them at all. So if quintessential life can be suggested by a couple of tangy lemon treats, so be it. My brush just loved gliding over these. Now my feet better get in my Nikes and my itunes carry my steps. This series is enriching, and playful for my studio and oh, energizing my workouts too. So life in a little cookie, just keeps moving along.

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