Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Blackberry Kiwi Tart

What is so special about a little tart all alone? How can it sustain an ongoing search? Is it an analogy? A symbol for something else? An artist has only a few tools to use and a simple bag of tricks. There are many people who can paint. Make it look believable. Is that what this is about? A few brush strokes, some technical finesse and we're done? Just to make a sale? Or is there more? An "experiment in small oils". In an experiment there is a question. An hypothesis. Some steps to make a test. The follow through, the writing down and an answer at the end. But this is art, is it the same? Well, yes. You see my friends the question became how do I rebuild? How do I regenerate when everything was lost. When cut off from my source. No studio, few art supplies, no still life material, a hazardous wetlands I cannot yet walk. If you remove the artist from his terrain, and take away his tools. His daily life. What remains? What goes into making art alive is the answer to that question. And it has to be coaxed sometimes, like an appetite one loses, to try a bit of this or that. Reach through a wall of mourning to the juicy stuff, that can come out again to play. It takes it all to be present. To make the difference. To set up that vibration. There is in each and every tart and cake and treat a breath of life, an exploration. There you are, I see you now coming into being. There's juiciness and life again. On it's own little island.


tarty goodness said...

Dessert Alert!
They can not hurt...
But they can divert.
They can even exert..
A splash or two
On your evening shirt!


Tardy Tarte said...

I thought I ate you?
I was waiting for the next course.
I've had enough of blue goo...
And I'm hungry as a horse...
But I'll try to be patient.
I know the next one will outdo
you! :)