Monday, September 17, 2007

Chocolate Nun Trois

This little nun is a bit bedraggled. There were only two left in the case. I looked at the other pretty things, but kept coming back to her. I heard myself say after picking the others, I'll take one of those nuns too. The one in the front. What was it about her?The chocolate was starting to run. Taking her top knot with it. But there she stood with grace. As I painted her, I liked her more. The chocolate was glossy. Her pastry was puffed. Her ruffle was bright. Don't be afraid to show a few wisps out of place, a splatter or two. We are like this.We who do. Look at the light and the energy. Give her some Paris blue. This nun has been busy, tending to things, making them go. Arranging a myriad of details all day. Juggling a ball or two. And yet,she could play ball, tell a story, or sing. She's been given God's grace I think. I think she spoke to me. We are blessed she says.In a great many ways. We may get bedraggled, some days may be tough. But at the end of the day...I still have my custard. My chocolate is still yummy. The puffs are golden and crisp.Was she glowing? I would like to say she is with me still. But I gobbled her up! Licked my fingers.Blessed? Oh yes. Blessed indeed. I think it was the custard....

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