Monday, September 3, 2007

Strawberry Tart

I am stunned with this one. The juiciness that came through.It was the only kind of fruit covered tart in a Wednesday's pastry case. That's the thing about randomness.If you go with it, sometimes it is exactly the art you needed to make. I have some other things to paint today. Ones with little color. But look at this, it is essentially red. And surprise no bit of green. Where did my compliments go? Well they are there. I split them. The orangier red called for a blue. The more purple red called for it's yellow. Your eye is taking this in and saying , ahh, all is right with the world and this tart is real. But more, I needed more to connect. I needed movement and ooze again. The glaze was untamed. It dripped and seeped and made crispness flee. Except in the paper sleeve. Ahh, there we go, some geometry. Some structure to contain the flow. A mound of custard, a mountain of berries, an island of sweet cake and it glows.

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ladyjicky said...

I have just found your blog. I am a pastel painter. Love this strawberry tart! Especially the way you got the paper case! Excellent.
I tried oil but it was not for me but I must say - you are doing a great job !!!!