Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Raspberry Knockout

I should have known by the way she was slightly off center that this diva was going to be trouble. My friend George always said," Careful if you knock on trouble's door. Trouble will be home." But raspberries, lots of them, almonds, a virtual chorus, and raspberry mousse on a golden stage. I heard the orchestra warming up.The program I read again. Raspberry Knockout. A huge wow factor indeed. My resolve began to waver. I stood on the brink, what, of possible disaster? Oh no, what is the harm? How could it hurt? This diva is so glamourous. Was that a wink? I'm having it, I said. So I grabbed her up and took her home, mouth watering, brush eager to capture the sparkle. When halfway through, oh no, she started to sink, her backside migrating southward. Oh no you don't. OH yes I am she said. You think glamour comes easy? I needed a rest. Now you do your best. Don't let my reputation suffer. Now peel me grape, and get me a robe, and, yes, paint faster!

1 comment:

william w. said...

Raspberry knockout.
Raspberry knock-a-bout
Sit down,
Sit up!
Diva, Shmiva...
Eat it
Or leave it!