Tuesday, September 11, 2007


A place for privacy, Simple and elegant but away from the court. This is the Trianon. Marie Antoinette allowed only her inner circle in. They say not even the King could come in without her permission. We know this space. Who doesn't have such a place? Dreams may be fluid, our thoughts like clouds. Drifting encouraged. Time not allowed. Giggles or silliness. Or the next best idea. Each of us have a space all our own. If only for a moment before it is gone. We think our best thoughts, become our best person. Refresh. Renew.Then join in again. So maybe we need a petit chocolate to foster and beckon our muse. Why not? It is our place and we for a moment can be queen. See the richness? And there is some lace. Ahh. Take a deep breath. Sit back. Have a taste.

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