Friday, September 28, 2007


Un Frazier, a special treat, only on weekends. A cathedral of strawberry arches holding up the mousse. Underneath, is almond cake. And there's marzipan on top. I marvel at such things as these. Meant to tempt us, calling out. This one is a Grace Kelly. No need to do much at all. Just exist. For every part was just as it should be. No more no less. The combination, well there's the thing. It is classy, smooth and complex. The little sprinkle of nutmeg, the amount of whipped cream, the angles on the marzipan , and who knew, tender almond cake inside. From the first bite I was in Monaco, or someplace nice and sunny. Each flavor lingered just abit to converse with another. No need to window shop for more. If I had my vote. I'd wake up every Sunday. Stroll down to chef Pierre. He is thinking of us. Knows just what we need. No need to think about it, he has that covered you see. I'll take the Grace Kelly please. Un Frazier indeed! Now if he could do a Cary Grant.....I'd be there Saturday! early, very early.

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Berry Good! said...

I should be packing
Instead of snacking...
On a Fraiser,
These berries
Are amazing!