Saturday, September 8, 2007

Tarte Aux Citrons

One little tart in a white paper sleeve. Where can you take us today? Reflection perhaps? It's that time of year. Summer's still with us, but there's a slight shift in the light , a change in the breeze. I am looking for coreopsis to plant in a pot. Yellow again. That last bit of sunshine, a lingering of blossoms, a hint of richness still to be enjoyed.Julien did a yellow quince masterfully this week. In front of a gentle blue. And yesterday the Cote D'Azur.Those of us who love gardens, and art and a view, we notice the passing, note the little signs. We are tied to rhythm. Light. Little changes that pull us along.The vocabulary of color and light, speaks intensely to us. So along with the naples and within the white, I have brushed along a color path that is maybe a bridge to the fall. A little sparkle here and there for summer. Some warm ochres , some magenta and rose. Vermillion and cobalt violet.Some few blossoms for my eye. Discovery, probably small, but enough for me. Enought to linger, soak it up once more. Along a gentle path, a smile. Then I move on.

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