Sunday, September 9, 2007

Pear Tart

The glaze. I did not see the glaze when I picked this one out. I wanted a blush on the pear. As I looked at it closer, saw what it was about. I was more intrigued. Layers. Layers and depth in narrow confines. In the wetlands there are canopies. Layers of life. A fish friend explored it with me. He is actually a Dr., a biologist of note. He showed me a world in his dip net that I had not seen before, gold dotted fish, dragonfly ondata, crawfish too young to eat. Then he called out a latin name as a warbler flew by. I saw color, and flash. He saw systems and chains. Layers and links. Connectedness. If we just look a little differently, look into it a little more, within the layers, transparent or no.In clouds, in tree canopies, beneath the mirror of the pond....or in a simple tart, it might suggest possibilities...worlds unexplored.

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